Trouble Agency - Swakke on Drums
Trouble Agency - Swakke on Drums

Trouble Agency - Simon on Bass
Trouble Agency - Simon on Bass

Trouble Agency 2017
Trouble Agency 2017

Trouble Agency - Swakke on Drums
Trouble Agency - Swakke on Drums




Origin:  Brussels, BELGIUM


Genres:  Metal, Thrash Metal


Years Active:  1993- Present


Label:  None Records

Short Bio

Trouble Agency is a Belgian Thrash Metal five piece from Brussels, formed in 1993. The band is considered as one of the last of its generation still active in Belgium. Trouble Agency was born in the ashes of 80s Thrash Metal bands  Cyclone and Decadence. Trouble Agency's music was described as being similar to crossover and thrash metal acts Sacred Reich, D.R.I., Destruction and Annihilator by the Dutch Aardschok Magazine and the French Metallian Magazine. Through the years Trouble Agency has shared stages with acts as Exodus, Destruction, Immortal, Anvil, Hyades, Onslaught and Paradox and has headlined the Metal Blast festival held at the Botanique in Brussels. They played at Wacken Open Air 2014's edition.



"Well this is a great band! And a nice song! For sure they deserved to be on this stage... Tight drumming, groovy guitars and bass riffs, bombastic sound, and charismatic singer with a huge voice! Belgium can be proud of this awesome band. Where's the "replay" button?" YOUTUBE COMMENT


Set List 28/10/2017

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: Independent

Management:  band@troubleagency.be


Booking:  band@troubleagency.be