Trouble Agency is back with what they're best at ;  a rhythmic rollercoaster as tight as can be, topped with some of the thrashiest vocals you can expect. Simultaneously Suspected takes us through some of the most vivid political and social issues of our time; the loss of relatives, radicalism, unscrupulous money grabbers and manipulation. 

Throughout tracks like 'Back Off' and 'Pawn Of God' the band delivers old schoolish thrash songs that will delight the unconditional aficionados of Bay Area Thrash or Speed Metal. Trouble Agency manages to combine this subtly with groovier tracks like 'Tears Of Blood' or 'Collateral Damage' or even the very peculiar 'Sad', exploring newer paths that the band had not yet dared on previous releases. 

Suspected is the kind of album that takes you on a ride and surely listening to it behind the wheel will be the way to enjoy it at its best!


"Trouble Agency's third album is the archetype of what a traditional thrash metal LP should sound like. Ever seen a show?  No posing - no bullshit - just a steamroller crushing everything on it's way."


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